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Corbo "10am" Music Video premiered by LA Record

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

L.A. Record has premiered the music video I directed for Corbo's track "10am", from his new album Vision. Have a look-see:

L.A.’s Corbo last visited L.A. RECORD with this eyeball-rewiring pixelstravaganza, but now he’s here with a new album and an invitation to live a cooler gentler life with “10am,” an audiovisual dip in the pool that’s all new age atmosphere and an daytime basic-cable infomercial aesthetic. It’s actually a (meta) commerical for Corbo’s new Vision album, released last week as a collab between L.A.’s label/space/collective Chewing Foil and Starburns Industries‘ cassette tape of the month series. Says Corbo:

“’10am’ is about sitting at the breakfast table as a child, watching your dad leaving for work and wondering where’s he going and what else is out there? It’s about that feeling right after you’ve been left to your own devices, the whole day stretching gloriously ahead of you: not a sense of abandonment as much as euphoric freedom-steeped childlike wonder and naive security.”

And, says director Dustin Krapes, it’s specifically an “homage to classic Blue Blocker sunglasses ads as we follow Chewing Foil bad boy Trinidad Chad around the block making a quick delivery and hanging with the crew, ready for anything.” (You’ll spot Chewing Foil associates Baja Ajax, Paul Plastic and Jaron Braxton in there, too.) Look good, feel good, be good—it’s a simple proposition. What are you waiting for? Call—or click?—now!


Stills from "10am"

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